AlumniWatch: From UN Research to EU Policy

For our latest blog, we asked Dr. Daniel Vertesy to share his thoughts on our PhD programme and how it shaped his career. Daniel speaks of his new life working for an EU research centre, the challenges of changing systems, and the importance of staying dynamic.

For many, it is just as surprising to hear that the UN has a University as finding out that the EU has an in-house scientific research centre. Just like the UNU’s research and training institutes located around the world, the various institutes of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) are spread across Europe and deal with a broad range of topics, from nuclear safety to photovoltaics, from deforestation to innovation. At arm’s length from the Brussels machinery, the JRC can be an exciting place for post-docs to get first-hand experience of the interaction between science and policy making at international level.

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Model United Nations: From Youth Engagement to Global Diplomacy

EuroMUN is the Model UN conference held every year at Maastricht University. It’s an exciting way for students to learn about global governance, what drives international law, and the purpose of research into public policy and human development. Basically an academic simulation of the United Nations, the event gathers young people from around the world to debate issues of global concern while learning the procedures of a real international conference.

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